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Why Us?

Why sell your home with us?   Let me show you How to Sell Your Utah Home:

The two most important factors when selling your home in Utah are exposure and pricing.  So what exactly is exposure?  It’s how to market to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Traditionally, Real Estate Companies ONLY do the following:

1) List the property for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Site).

2) Take a few pictures.

3) Put a “For Sale” sign up in the front yard.

This method has a major flaw.  You are essentially listing your home, then crossing your fingers, hoping it sells.  We offer something different.

Our 15 point Marketing Program will sell your home fast by giving you the greatest amount of exposure.

First, all of our listings come with a free virtual tour.


Then we hit the social media world, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with strategic advertising.


Your home then gets distributed to over 50 Real Estate Search websites including KSL.com and Craigslist.com.  Keep in mind nearly 95% of all home buyers start their search for a home online.  We make sure they are more likely to find your listing.


Prospective buyers can call, text, or scan for more info on your listing.  We also send mass texts to prospects informing them of price changes.

Our Smartphone Apps are some of the highest rated apps for Utah Real Estate on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

When searching for Utah homes, we want to make sure we are early in the search results so your home can get maximum exposure.


We also track who is seeing your home and keep detailed records of the showings.

With all those tools are at your disposal, you will sell your home in no time!


Okay, now that we have shown you what we can do for you, let’s talk about pricing.  Properly pricing your home is based on two conditions:

1) Property Conditions

2) Market Conditions

Here are a few property conditions that influence the price of your home:

1) Specifications & Layout – square feet, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, number of fireplaces, etc.

2) 3 C’s: Condition, Cleanliness, & Curb Appeal – worn, dirty, disorganized, overgrown, etc.

3) Updates – 70′s shag carpet vs. updated neutral colors, vinyl flooring to stone/ceramic, formica to granite, outdated furniture, etc.

4) Location – Location, Location, Location!

Specifications & Layout:  This one is pretty obvious – homes that are larger with more bedrooms and bathrooms and that have a functional layout tend to sell for more.  This is not the case if you are the only larger and nicer home in the neighborhood, so be sure not to “out-do” yourself.


Condition: Consider replacing items such as worn out carpet, burned out light bulbs, etc.

Cleanliness: Keep rooms organized and tidy, put clothes away, vacuum carpets, clean bathrooms, and put away trinkets and personal belongings.

Curb Appeal: Mow that lawn!  Cut back bushes and prune trees.  Paint the exterior, and replace that hideous roof.

Bad Curb Appeal

Updating:  Here, let’s just look at some pictures and you decide which could have a higher asking price:

Dated Kitchen

Updated Kitchen


Dated Bathroom

Updated Bathroom

Location:  Properties right on major roads are devalued.  Properties close to major freeways, schools, and shopping malls add value.  Residential properties in commercial or industrial areas are devalued and vice versa.


Conclusion:  Properties that are updated to today’s standards, neutral in its tastes, clean and organized, have good curb-appeal, and are in a nicer neighborhood typically demand more of an asking price.


So how exactly do you price your home according to Market Conditions?  Well that’s where we come in.  We look at similar properties to yours that have recently sold in your neighborhood and make a Comparative Market Analysis.  We look at style, size, age, condition, and location and determine your home’s value.

Lastly here are some other services you can expect from us:

1. Secure your property with a SUPRA keybox.

2. Coordinate and schedule showings.

3. Track showings and potential buyers, and follow up.

4. Coordinate the scheduling of open houses.

5. Coordinate with you on sending out Just Listed Postcards.

6. Verify that prospective buyers are well qualified and follow up on financing progress.

7. Properly negotiate the sale of your property.

8. Ensure that you understand the terms of the contract and meet all deadlines.

9. Coordinate the closing with the buyers and the transfer of keys, etc.

10. Retain a record of all files and provide a copy to you.

Our Pledge to You:  The sale of your home is my top priority and responsibility, supported by the whole Realtypath organization.  I will communicate with you on an ongoing bases and pay close attention to all of you needs.

Our Goal:  To sell your Utah home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time with the most favorable terms.



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  1. Those are great reasons to want to sell my Utah home with you guys!

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